Post processing options not showing up in editor

Hi :),

Really not sure if this is the right spot for this, and if it’s not I would like to apologize. I’m a senior at the Art Institute in Chicago and I’m working on an environment in Unreal 4. Regrettably, the school uses version 4.9.2 and I’m not allowed to update it to the most recent version or install anything to their computers. I’m having an issue with post processing volumes. For some reason the actual post processing volumes option that you’d typically see in it aren’t showing up in my environment. I attached a screen of the options that I’m giving to in order to better show what I’m preferring to.


hopefully i under you right an its that you cant fin the Post process settings. they are there even in you screen they appear under Post process Volume/Settings its the first option under PostPocessVolume just press the right arrow next to it to make the options open up