Post Processing on one eye only (VR)

I’m wondering if anyone is aware of a way to apply a different post-processing effect to each eye in VR (or additional processing to just one eye/half the screen.)

I’m looking into implementing night vision, but most NVGs are monocular. I was curious to try this out in VR to see how it compares to the real deal, but I don’t have a clue if or how I can isolate one eye or apply additional effects to one eye only.

Hey, hopefully I can be of help.
VR is a complicated platform to work with, as it can be very easy to become sick. I would be cautious with post processing directly on the eye, as this would cause a lot of sickness and cause people to go cross-eyed, as the lenses overlap.

This said, this is possible to do, although i would go the route of using a scene capture 2d and a render target placed a short distance in front of the camera… this would allow the user to recognize that it is a separate object. in the 2d scene capture, you can set up the post process to look like night vision.

Hope this was helpful, cheers.