Post-processing in 'Create a movie'

I’d like to use ‘Create a movie’ in Matinee editor, but I’ve got a problem with post-processing. I read something about Event Track and also that PP volumes does not work in ‘create a movie’ BUT I’m using Float Property Track and it works in editor but not in final Movie…
Any help ?

Hey SiCzech,

Have you replayed the movie more than once to make sure it is not working?

The initial capture will not show the post processing effects, but if you replay the saved video within your project/s folder, it should work as intended.

Also, the CamerActor group has inherited post process settings. These post process settings can be overridden or ignored if their priority or blending is not set up correctly.

Would you mind providing me with some simple reproducible steps so I can re-create the issue you are experiencing on my end?

Thank you,