Post Processing - EyeAdaptation

I’ve created a galaxy map with a sun and sky box full of stars… There is a post processing box around the sun to give it some neat effects. However, when I move the camera near the sun the rest of the stars fade. So, I went into the SunBP and changed the Post Processing EYE ADAPTATION - BIAS to 0. I saw this on the documentation: Auto Exposure (Eye Adaptation) | Unreal Engine Documentation

But, even when I set to 0, when I put the camera onto the sun the stars and the nebula fade. I know I can change the viewports to fixed and to not do post processing eye adaptation, but this is during game play.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas… Happy Hanukkah and Happy Festivus.


Turns out that I needed to also turn off AUTO EXPOSURE in the DEFAULT POSTPROCESSING SETTINGS in ENGINE-RENDERING - PROJECT SETTINGS. Once I did that, the post processing values in the various post processing boxes worked as expected.