post processing effects driven by code of cameras depth of field-effect possible?

Hello there, is someone in here who knows how depth of field works under the hood? Would it be possible to use its code to drive screen pixelation or other post processing effects? So basically where the screen blur would be high using depth of field, the post processing effect would be intense instead and in the field of focus, the post effect would be nonexistent? (Or if inverted, the “field of focus” would set the post processing intensity to max and wherever there would be blur with depth of field, there would be no post processing) I hope I put this in an understandable way. What I´m particularly interested in would be to have the post processing effect restricted to a certain depth field, so for exemple only affect objects which are inbetween 3 and 4 meters distance from the camera. My goal is to have the character in a side scroller pixelated, but his environment fully 3d. Using the paper2d engine for this effect gives me several problems with camera perspective and the resolution difference between my sprites and the screen produces wavy edges of the pixelated characters which looks really bad/distorted if the character is far away from the camera. So I´m looking for an alternative option and using post processing would be pretty straight forward if it could work.
Any thoughts or tips (or even alternative solutions to this idea) would be highly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,