Post processing destroying particle system

Hello UE4 forum.

I have created a particle system for an explosion. It works great, but a strange problem arises when I add post processing effects to the scene. If the particles are in front of an object which has post processing effects activated, they hardly show, and are only rendered as a faint “shade” of how their form.

edit: Here shows the issue. The smoke is a particle effect, and does not render properly over the post processed ground to the left.

I found the following solution but it did not work.

I have been at this for hours, and been able to narrow it down to which of the post processes that is causing the issue. It is our color grading which messes it up.
Does anyone have a solution to this problem, or at least a hint? I can provide specific information if it helps track down the issue.

Thanks a lot for any answer.

running into same issue