Post processing and transparency


Me and my team are making a new game for VR where we will be utilizing a cel-shader. The issue we are having is when we blend in a particle system or a transparent material into the mix. With the particle system it’s not showing properly and with the transparent material it completely removes the cel-shading while looking through the material. After hours of search online i still haven’t found anything explaining this or some good guide how to blend transparent materials with post processing. Someone know? Would love some help!
The transparent material in question:

The shader that is giving me problems: (Note that additionally to this shader another post process shader is used that draw dark lines around the borders of the geometry, but this shader is not destroying the particle systems, see below).
Part 1:

Part 2:

The particle system when it’s working:

The particle system combined with the faulty shader:

The transparent material covering half of a model, you can see how it impacts the shader:

The transparent material covering other models:

If you wish for more information in order to give more clarity on the issue feel free to ask!
Hope someone know what the problem is, thanks in advance!

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You must set ‘before translucency’ in postprocess material editor.


You know that post is from 2016 right?

FYI, this just saved my life. Spent days on this same problem! Thank you stranger.


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you are wrong man. This kind sir saved me, after days of searching! @lizzyvam Thank you man