Post Process

Hi guys, I am having trouble with my post process, Im trying to create a vision mod where a heart beat is shown to the player, whether this be through objects or in direct line of sight.

So far I have created a simple pulsing radial gradient and have been able to visualize this on my desired objects.

The main problem I have is where the material starts its radial point, I want it to be in the center of the object where the “Heart” should be, but at the moment it starts from a where the camera is pointed?

Any and all help is appreciated.

UPDATE I have been able to get the material to radiate over the selected object but it doesn’t radiate from a central location, it now looks like the objects are being scanned haha.

Hi the vector addition intrigued me so i tried a vec3, but this didnt quite this the issue the texture turned into a flash, same with a vec2, if possible could you demonstrate where you would add the vector. here is where i added mine.