Post Process Volume Shape

Hey there guys,

I have a question about the shape of the post process volumes…

Currently, I am doing an ArchViz project which has a door in a 45° wall, as in one wall like _/
I want to have a different post processing volume on the other side of the door… How can I adjust the shape of the Volume… can I create a Polygon Object in my modeling software and turn that into a postprocess volume or am i just missing a button? Thanks!

JayCox of on3studio

HI JayCox,

You cannot use a polygon mesh from another program by you can use use the Geometry Editing mode from the modes panel. (Last button on the right). You then have the ability to adjust the points of the brush to fix what you’d like.

You can also place the post process volume anywhere in your scene and then in the details panel select the option for Brush Shape to pick from the various shapes that are provided for BSPs as an alternative.

I hope that helps.


Ah! Thank you!