Post Process Volume - Lots of settings missing in my interface

Hello there!

First off this being my first post here, many thanks to the Epic Games Team and all content creators for providing these awesome tools and a warm hello from a motion graphics designer taking the first steps into the interactive world.

As I’m working my way through a number of tutorials and personal test project I am of course, discovering issues that leave me scratching my head, at least temporarily. So I was hoping you guys can help me with a few of these. One of them is that my Post Process Volume seems to be missing A LOT of settings, (screenshot attached) namely all the important setting, motion blur, DOF, glows, blurs, etc. All of these are missing from my process volume interface. I tried looking for them but to no avail. Is there maybe something wrong with my installation or is it something I’m doing? I would appreciate any help. Thanks!


Welcome!! :slight_smile:

In the Post Process Volume Tab you can see a small dropdown menu which is called “Post Process Settings” -> there you can find everything

Oh wow. Very adeptly hidden! Thanks mate!

I’m sorry but where in the world is this dropdown? i’m in 4.22

13th option from the bottom in the op’s screenshot