Post process volume breaks skylight

Having an issue where having a post process component (set to unbound) in the map causes the skylight to stop working (does not emit any light). This seems like incorrect behavior to me, and thus far I have not found any hints as to why this would be happening. Most of the values are at default, including the global illumination multiplier (at default of 1.0). Any ideas as to what could cause this?

I’ve experienced similar behavior – the skylight functions as expected in the Editor previews, but not in Game-Previews or Sequence Renders. Disabling the PPV didn’t seem to have any effect. Toggling SkyLight mobility settings did, however, tho not permanently.

Default templates are using unbound PP volume and skylight and both are working.

Can you post some screenshots?
Preferably with Lighting and Unlit view modes.

The lower half-image shows the in-editor PlayMode preview; the upper half shows the editor window.
When I render-out sequences, the lighting is also in-tune w/ the lower half.
When I package to .exe format, the lighting is much closer to the editor’s interpretation.
Toggling skylight mobility (static,stationary, mobile) will adjust the PlayMode preview lighting and bring it in-line w/ the editor, or close enough, but obviously this isn’t a fix.
I’ve tried disabling & removing the PPV;
I’ve deleted the skylight (and added a new one–it’s a bit worse now).
I’ve adjusted the emission strength of the lit-window material;
Lit Exposure = “Game Settings”;
As you mentioned, the default templates/starter content behaves normally for me as well.

PS: Skylgiht mobility = “Stationary.”

Template = UnrealStudio MultiPlayer

Here are three more images:
Lighting Only – alt textStationary &
Lighting Only - Static SkyLight alt text

You have different dynamic shadows on first screenshot. Are You sure lights are on the same place? Looks like Directional Light is way back.

At one point I realized a directional light had been imported via DataSmith, and therefore there were 2 directional lights. I deleted the imported one & rebuilt. Variations in the cast shadow locations in the images above are likely due to this issue. This had no effect on the dark play-preview or sequence renders vs the Editor preview.

Have you verified the skylight does not affecting scene in both ON/OFF states?
Also, I hope you’re aware about the difference between dynamic and static lighting.