Post Process - Using subtract adds to the value?

Hi. I am using the scenetexture:specular for parts of my post process material. I built the material as blendable after tonemapper, but to get rid of jittering I want to blend it before tonemapper. However I found my material drastically changed when the blending location changed, and I found the culprit to be the “subtract”- and “add” nodes being inverted in before tonemapper/before translucency

“Subtract” 0.2 which in fact adds 0.2

“Add” 0.2 which subtract 0.2

Does anyone know why this is the case? It’s a simple fix, but annoying to have to invert all subtract and add nodes when changing blending location. Is this a bug, or is this how it’s intended to be? If that’s the case, are there other differences between before and after locations that I should be aware of?

Edit: This is in 4.26.0