Post process to apply to transparent materials


I’m having an issue with my post process effect and transparent materials. The important part of this material are the outlines. With the PP material I need the blendable location to be “before transparency”, but because of that it won’t apply the outline to transparent materials.

I was wondering if there was a solution to this while also keeping the blendable location as “before transparency”.

When I search online I notice that there used to be a work around by turning off “Render in Main Pass” and turning on “Render Custom Depth”, but that no longer works. Is there another workaround that I could use?

Below is an image showing the outlines appearing on the texture when it is opaque and how it isn’t on the same material just set to transparent:

One question I have is; is there a way to get a post process effect to recognize transparent materials when using scene textures? I think that’s really what this boils down to.