post process stopped working in 4.13

I posted this on answers as well…it’s really confusing me.

I have 4 post process volumes that I made in a sort of forest streaming level. I wanted them only on the paths in the forest so I made a cube volume and then edited the geometry to follow along the path. This was working fine in 4.12 but now with the update 3 out of the 4 volumes stopped working. So when I go inside it, nothing happens. If I click unbound, it works. If I start a new one, it works as a cube but as soon as I start editing the geometry it stops working when I go inside.
If I click the brush shape to “cube builder” the first cube in the geometry will work and then the others will not.
So weird!

I opened a fresh project and tried to duplicate the problem but was unable.
Any ideas what could have happened?

Thanks so much for any help.

edit - I was able to reproduce in a blank project. Whenever the pp volume mesh becomes triangulated during editing the whole volume stops working. Anyone else experience this?