Post Process Real Time Pixelization

Hi all I have been looking for a way to lower the resolution of specific actors within a scene.
After looking around on here I found this: Real-time pixelated blur to 3d objects - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

This works really well for what I needed however there is a problem that the pixel effect is applied over the front of anything in the scene so if a actor has this effect applied the pixels on screen are low resolution even if the actor is not in view, this places the effect on top of everything else.

Additionally to this I have noticed that the right side of the actor that has the effect applied is still set to the base shape of the mesh in comparison to the left side. This isn’t that big of a issue but it would be something I would also like to be resolved.

Is this the best way of going about it, how would I fix the layering issue of the lowered resolution? Would there be a better way to do this now?

Any advice would be helpful.