Post process Pixel position wrong in PIE

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I have made the simple following material which shows me how much pixels there are on the screen. see the following picture.

When I apply it as post process and start a game in play in editor, the play in editor windows shows me a different number of pixels (UV squares) then it should.

As you can see, [B] tells us the PIE should be 1000 pixels by 500 but the post process shows us 7 by 3.5 100 pixels squares [A]. You can also see that this is only happening in PIE as the editor window [C] has the correct size/amount of 100 pixels squares.

Other elements :

  1. This is happening on every project I create on my machine

  2. This is not happening on my laptop or on my colleague’s computer

  3. This is not happening on standalone game, meaning standalone game has the correct amount of 100 pixels squares

  4. Uninstalling and reinstalling unreal 4.23 on my machine did not fix the problem

Since this is happening on every project of my machine but not on any other machine I’m thinking this is an editor setting, but I might be wrong. Does anyone has any clue why this is happening?

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It might be due to rendering settings i would review that

PIE doesn’t constrain the viewport to the configured resolution. It just has whatever dimensions you stretch it to in your editor pane.
Maybe that is why it’s wrong?

I never found the reason of the problem but it was not happening on other computers. Since I have “found a workaround” and this thread isn’t active anymore I will call it as resolved.

Whats the work around?