Post Process Outline help

Hello. I’m trying to make a mod for Ark and no matter how many times I ask a question regarding post processing outlines, no one seems to be able to help so I here I am. I’m trying to edit the outline material so it shows an outline around the whole actor and at a further distance. I’ve looked at various tutorials but nothing matches up with out Wildcard did there stuff. My guess is that the stencil changes based on whether a dino is aggroed/not aggroed/owned by the player/scrared. Can someone point me in the right direction on where to make changes within the material BP? Attached is the BP and a screen of what it looks like now.

Also of note, the BP also sends out a blue “scanning” pulse and fills the whole actor with what ever color is the dino is in (aggroed/not aggroed/owned by the player/scrared) I’ve figured out where to change those. Just can’t figure out where to change for distance and a full outline.