post process material renders as grid material on some meshes.

it works fine on most things but not on the one thing i need it to work on which is disappointing

as you can see, it works fine on the cubes and spheres but not on the scope :frowning:

i also have to mention that i don’t necessarily need to use the post process option but i have been told it is required to render post process effects on a material. so if you know how to do that it would do just as well

Could you provide more info? I’m quite confused. PP is a screen space shader, it only could render differently on a particular meshes in a very specific setup.

i will add some screenshots in a sec

It looks like it’s using UV maps. Does your scope glass have a proper UV?

yes, it does

And. How the PP looks with the test UV map?

what do you mean with test uv map?