Post Process: Line Shade issues


I am super new to UE4, and game design in general. I have been using the engine for about 5 months now. I enjoy doing level and environment design. I came across a Line Shade tutorial on the web, in specific, one of the ones released by epic. I have configured the line shade post process material to appear the way I want, but I have encountered an issue. On a static image the line shade works perfectly. If you take control of the character and move around the environment with any speed at all you get what happens in the picture below. I can only assume that the post process material is still attempting to draw the pixels in space as the camera reference is moving, causing the extra lines to appear, and the blur.
The post process material is applied to all foliage instances as well as the character but not to the landscape.
I would upload my blueprints but my spaghetti is awful.

I don’t see anything glaring there, but… I think half of the graph is missing?

Can you post the material here? ( just select all and copy paste into notepad ).