Post process frame blur / decay render target etc.

I’m looking to make a blur/decay previous frame blur effect but im stuck on what i think is the last step

im attempting to get something like this

ive gotten the materials and blueprints set up as follows

Player Begin Play

Player Event Tick


I’m not sure if its useful to know or not but if i change the ‘current’ node in the material to a panning texture its doing what i expect, but i cant get it to do the same thing with an rt source


What is current?
Did you tried to replace it with scene texture node?

current was another texture param that is per tick assigned crt2d0/1 depending on the frame (seen in the last 2 nodes on the 2nd image)

I did attempt it with the scene texture node (tried using both postprocessinput0 and scenetexture) and niether do the job

the only way i can get it to spit out anything but a black screen is by replacing the current node with a non-dynamic texture so far