Post process for SceneCapture2D broken?


Using UE 4.19.1

I’ve applied a post process material on a SceneCapture2D camera.

The post process seems to work fine when the SceneCapture2D camera is rendered by default (Capture every frame).

However, if I cancel ‘Capture every frame’ and ‘Capture on movement’, and call the CaptureScene node from the Level Blueprint the post process doesn’t do anything ( I can see the frame is being rendered correctly, but simply without the post process).

Has anyone observed this behaviour? Am I doing something wrong or this is a bug?

Thank you.

try enabling “Always Persist Rendering State”, it’s supposed to do what you need
if that doesn’t work then it means there’s still a very old issue where postprocess only works if “Capture Every Frame” is disabled which I reported years ago :smiley:

It works!

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: