Post process effects messing with the emissive material

Hi ,

I am having a strange problem. I have a daynight cycle and I am loading new color grading LUT dynamically based on sun’s current elevation. However , I can see that the first time an LUT is loaded in runtime , it messes with the sun material and the sun light flickers , as shown in the below pics

Left - Distorted Sun(happening first time a new LUT loads. In my case , happening every single frame for the first cycle or when the play mode is clicked the first time - if a particular color grading is not loaded yet , and the play mode is turned off , then next time the play mode is clicked , flickering occurs from that instant onward)

Right - Desired result. Happening with post process turned off or from next time onward


4.8 or less?


Windows 8.1 , and in 4.8

Hi all ,

Kindly help me out. I am unable to understand the issue here.