Post Process DOF mask Problem

hello comunity!

First of all, sorry for the poor english :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a problem trying to do a mask of DOF on a post process volume.

Researching, i found this.

Someone showed a material setup to create a mask just like i want to do …but is not working for me.

First, when i try to create a SceneTexture:SceneColor node, an error is displayed saying: SceneColor lookups are only available when MaterialDomain = Surface

I changed SceneColor For PostProcessImput0, but nothing happens.
Aparently the mask work because when i chose DiffuseColor the black parts of the mask dont show the DOF.

With PostProcessImput0 it look like this


This is with DiffuseColor


And this is the Post Process Material

I dont know where to continue searching, you guys are my only hope :frowning:

can you detail what you want to achieve exactly please? do you want a geometry to stay sharp ?

i want to do a Tilt-Shift blur like. Something like this

It doesnt need to be dynamic. A mask like this should work for me

so, if you want to use a mask, you ll have to use a postprocess blur. and mask it (that s what is used in your links) not camera blur.
you can find blurs i made here : FREE custom nodes non kernel blurs - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums
but you may have to modify them a bit if you want a lens blur look (be aware that it will have a pretty heavy performance cost)
you may need this : Post Processing Content Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation
it s a tutorial for postprocess, based on the content exemple project for UE.
hope it helps !

Thanks!! i will give it a try. im gona comment the result in a few hours.


This is the setup and result


Thank you again!