Post Process does not work in UE4.6?

So I just placed my pp volume, unbound, and started changing some things, but did not notice any changes! Settings are all on Epic and under Show->PostProcessing everything is enabled… It is the only post process I have in my level… Going ingame also showed no changes…

I have the experimental Dynamic GI enabled and my plugins (execpt default ones) are Substance and blUI

Any ideas why this is happening?
Last time I used UE4 was 4.4 I think

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Hey ,

Are you able to reproduce this in an empty project?

Also, have you made any changes to the default ‘Project Settings’ section that deals with getting the post processing to work?

Be sure Mobile HDR is checked as well as all the features associated with Post Processing within the ‘Rendering’ section of your ‘Project Settings’.

Let me know what you discover and if you need further assistance!


I had mobile HDR disabled…
Didn’t think that that would disable PP on a desktop project…
Anyway thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile: