Post Process disappears when looking into skybox

So I’ve been working on a outline effect in post processing and i needed to mask the skybox out of it. I successfully masked the skybox out but my problem is whenever the object is in view of the skybox, the outline starts to disappear. Let me know if you need to see more screenshots.

Not in view of skybox:


In view of skybox:


Blueprints of masking skybox out:

this might help

No, unfortunately this did not help but thank you anyways.

Here are my initial thoughts:

If your goal is to remove the outline of the landscape, but not the outline of other objects, you will have outline the landscape where it touches the skybox, and remove only(!) those outlines, by replacing the outline colour for those outlines with the scene colour.

If you want to mask the skybox for an additional effect, but want to keep all the outlines intact, you would just have to apply the secondary effect (including the masking) before the outline effect.

If neither of this is the plan, you still have this problem, or want me to clarify something, let me know.

Whilst this sounds really helpful and is exactly what I’m trying to achieve, I’m still very confused. It would be really helpful if you could provide screenshots or at least explain a bit more on what to do. Thanks!

This is one way to remove the landscape outlines, using custom depth stencil. I’m on mobile internet right now, so here is a [recent post][1] that has some info on custom stencil… I think. You can skip masking the sky-dome by scene depth, when using this.

I just tried your method in the screenshot however the skydome and landscape still are affected. And also now my landscape is separated from the water plane. Maybe I’m missing something that’s obvious? Thank you for your patience by the way.

Actually, ignore what I told you. Try this tutorial. At around 10:40 he starts to create a mask to remove outlines. That should work.