[Post-Process] degraded blur post process

Hi there guys!

I´m actually trying to make a specific post process in my game.

So, what I want to achieve is a degraded blur, I´ll explain it, my game is a 2D game, and I want to make “layers” with diferent focusing, the first layer, where the player is 100% focused, the next layer with one type of buildings 70% focused, and the last layer with other kind of buildings 40% focused.

I put here a graphic of it:

Sin título-1.jpg

I´m pretty new in it, and I don´t know if gaussian are better than Bokeh to achieve it and what parameters touch.


Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

getting the parameters right depends a lot on your scene setup, but using the depth of field is the correct approach for what you want. bokeh and gaussian use different blur kernels for a different look at different performance costs and with different parameters to tweak.

you’ll want to spend some time on this doc page
and experiment a bit till you get the results you are after.

Thank you so much divi. I´ve alredy read the doc, and is very helpful.

But I still working in this post-process, someone have more info about it or tutorial?!

Thank you guys!