Post process change blend in runtime

OK, this is a little embarrassing.

I think I’ve found a bug but it behaves in a strange way. Let’s go:

I have an unbound global post process in the map.
I have a area post process.
When the game stars, the blueprint level run a timeline that decreases the blend’s weight of the post process area.
When the blueprint starts decreasing the postpo the screen instantly returns this:

The rock is very close to the camera.

  • I can’t reproduce this in a clean project.
  • Only happed in a cook version never in PIE.
  • I can reproduce this bug in Standalone game from editor.
  • When depth of field is disabled in the global postpro the bug disappears.
  • Only happed when this map is load since other map. No if the game start in this map.


I can isolate the problem in a clean project. Bug behavior is hard to find/understand.

  • Only occurs in fullscreen mode.
  • I am in the process of comparing my research with coworkers. When they confirm bug reproducibility I submit the clean project.


  • Don’t occurs in mac.
  • [The clean project.][2]

Hey Daverkex,

Thank you for the clean outline of the issue. Once you are able to narrow down the cause of the issue or get it to reproduce in a clean project, please let me know so we can move forward with the troubleshooting process.


Hey AdrewHurley,
You can download the clean project in the attachment, remember that this bug can’t be reproduced in mac platform.

  • The bug only happens with Gaussian Depth of Field.

So I am getting some weird results, but I cannot tell what I am looking at and what the issue is, which is why I asked for some steps so I can reproduce this in a blank project.

I see that there is an issue with the actual screen being completely blurred, but that seems to be the values used in the Gaussian Blur effect itself. If you could try to explain what you believe the issue to be, so I can better understand what is going on?

Thank you,