Post process change at runtime

Hi, I am making an android game. I have a post process volume in my level. I need only color grading feature from post process and I don’t need any other extra stuff how do I get that. And I need to change color grading at runtime for android. How do I get it. Correct me if I am wrong with question. Thanks in advance. Sorry for bad English :frowning:

I assume it works in the same way as desktop:

Right click on the background and search for ‘make postprocess settings’. Then pull a pin from the PP reference and look for the ( entirely unintuitive ) ‘set settings’.


Hi clockworkocean, thanks for your soon response. Your answer helps me a lot. I have 3 button of different color grading settings and how do I change the color grading when different button is pressed. Also I have a question. I am using the above method and i made only color grading settings enabled and rest of the pins are disabled. For example I have disabled the vignette intensity. The default post process settings for vignette intensity is 0.4. when I do the above method with vignette intensity disabled, will vignette intensity be used as default 0.4 even if it’s pins are disabled . please correct me if I am wrong with question. Thanks clockworkocean.

Any setting not checked, will be left untouched.

Put the PP in your level and in your widget, you can say:

( I’m changing the chromatic aberration here ).


Thanks, Clockworkocean. It works perfectly. Make it answered. Thanks.

Good job. You have to mark it answered :wink:

Old post I know, but when I do this it changes all the other values of ppv to default

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That will because the rest of your settings are default ( in the structure ) and overwrite what you have already prepared.

There’s a much easier way now to set PP params at run time, if they are on the material, and that is using a material parameter collection. None of this messing about with hundreds of nodes.

isn’t there a way to get the settings from ppv first and then modify them?

‘Get settings’



thank you! just figured it out.

for anyone wondering how to set it up