Post Process: Camera vs Volume

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the post-processing settings. As you all known the common (I guess) way is to add a post-process volume to your level and set everything there, but when I wanted to add a pp-effect which should be independent from the level, I figured it might be a good idea to use the camera post-process settings.

Now most settings I use are level independent, so I do wonder if there are any significant downsides to using the camera post-process settings over the post-process volume, or does it make no difference at all?


If you are asking for performance it doesnt make any difference at all. If the PP effect you use is heavy it will be heavy both with the camera and volume.

It’s more about the practical difference. That both require the equal amount of performance is foreseeable, but I wonder why so many recommend to use unbound pp-volumes instead of camera-pp, is it really just because you can have different pp-settings per level?

PP volume also lets you see the effect of your settings as you change them whereas with a camera you’ll always need to play to see the effect, so thats one plus for volumes. Also most of the time you’ll need those pp settings for Matinee sequences as well when you are out of character. Other than those i dont think there is any technical limitation to use either one of them.

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I see, thank you for your answer Jacky ^^