Post Process Blendable Weight in Material?


I have a blendable post process material but since I’m using custom code it doesn’t blend in but have full effect when not at 0 but the rest of the material blend properly. Is there a way to have a parameter in my material that will use the same blend weight of the blend weight value so it will blend in? Not sure if it’s clear ?



Hi Daniel,

There isn’t currently a way to read the blend weight directly in a material as the intended usage is to blend between a base material and it’s instance. There is a workaround you could use that takes advantage of this system however, by creating a base material with a scalar parameter set to 0, for example.:

Then creating an instance where the BlendWeight parameter in this example is set to 1 instead. Using the material instance as the blendable will cause the blend weight UI to interpolate the parameters between 0 and 1, effectively giving you the alpha you’re after. In the above example the screen would fade to red with the slider.


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Exactly what I need!

Hi all,

Just for future reference. I haven’t tested earlier versions but in 4.22 you can now create a Material Instance Dynamic at runtime and set it to be used in Post Process.

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Thanks, Chris. One the most hidden feature of all time, but works great. Worth mentioning that the parameter does not have to be called BlendWeight, only the rest of the described setup matters.

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