Post Process as box inside bounds - dim skylight from light at top to pitch dark at bottom...

Hi there,

Been trying to work this out for a few hours now with no luck. I have a Skylight and a directional light as the sun. And I want to make a Post Process Volume which is just a box area and I want the light that goes into it from above to go to pitch dark at bottom of the Post Process Volume… So if you was to go through the Post Process Volume from the top as you go down deeper it would get darker and darker until there is no light and is pitch black, only a local point light could light that area…

Hope someone could help me, its given me a bit of a headache LOL :slight_smile:

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is this for water? you could create a BP with a reference to your skylight and sunlight, then get your player position Z to lerp the intensity as you go deeper into your water. would work well for single player but not for multiplayer