Post Apocalyptic World

**Update [August 08th, 2015]

Great news! This pack has been released on the Unreal Marketplace. Click the link below:


**Unreal Promotional Video
**Post Apocalyptic World - Unreal Marketplace - YouTube

**Package Breakdown

**Features: **

  • 3 Houses with full interiors
  • 5 doors built with physics
  • Mix and match siding, bricks, drywall to get tons of variations
  • 1 Store with blocked out apartment
  • 1 Industrial building built modularly to give you full control of scale/complexity
  • 3 species of trees with 2 variations each
  • Over a dozen bushes, grass, weeds to build lush ground foliage
  • Over 40 props to fill interiors and streets
  • Broken rubble, bricks, trash, loose paper to help give that added grungy look

Hey everyone! It’s PolyPixel here again. If you haven’t seen us before, here’s some of our products released in the Unreal Marketplace: [COLOR=#0000FF]CLICK HERE]([/COLOR]

We’re planning to create DevBlog entries for our products as they continue to be made. We’re hoping to give our customers a bit more transparency on exactly what they are buying and also to get feedback along the way. So if you can, please take a second to leave a comment.

Expect to see weekly entries for this upcoming Post Apocalyptic World and all future packs!

At PolyPixel, our artists unanimously decided that our favorite game last year was “Last of Us”. It only made sense that we used this game’s art as inspiration to create a post apocalyptic world. We loved the versatility of the environment with lush bushes/trees, abandoned buildings, and also gave our team a chance to build our first interiors. Also when we were creating survival prop pack, it clicked for us that we need to create a whole world around this.

Since this is work in progress, things may change as production continues but below is what we plan to have for this pack:

  • handful of buildings with exteriors and interior
  • modular lego piece buildings to allow for quick & easy level building
  • paint-able vines to cover buildings
  • enough trees and bushes to create a lush environment
  • rubble and debris to help sell an abandoned/broken down world
  • props to fill interiors and exteriors
  • have multiple themes for buildings such as industrial, residential and store front
  • some audio sounds to sell the abandoned city feel

We just passed the greyblocking phase and are just jumping into the detailing and content creation phase.

Here’s a list of things that have been completed so far:

  • Blocked out the scale and design of the demo world to help test the assets better
  • Greyblocked shape, deisgn, and functionality of all the buildings
  • Built most of the foliage (first pass art)
  • Got the paintable vines functionality
  • Created functional doors
  • Started about two dozen props (first pass)

Hope you enjoy these work in progress screenshots!


Shows the paintable vine feature and our intention to help sell a lush world with overgrown buildings. Also some testing with a dummy character to help nail down the scale of the interiors.

A beautiful chair one of our artists created. The wear and tear really helps sell that this environment has been abandoned.


Thanks for reading ! Stay tuned next week as we show more of the completed buildings and also a dozen or so props.

If you have any questions or feedback for things you want to see in this pack, please comment below.

Nice, will it include any old abandoned cars? :slight_smile:

Looking good so far, I’m personally very very interested this.

U took these pictures in crysis 3… oh wait no its unreal O.o

That looks very promising, gj :wink:

Very nice!:slight_smile:

Something like Fallout 3? Why Not.

Just need some more deteriorated grunge textures or decals, demolished brick walls, old burned cars, decrepit electricity posts wires.


We have enough content to fill up the area without them and don’t want to promise anything right now. It’s defniitely on our wishlist!

Thanks Wesley! We appreciate hearing stuff like this :slight_smile:

Very cool! Can’t wait to get our hands on this. It’s always a good day when we get a PolyPixel submission. :slight_smile:

haha that’s a huge compliment! cryengine has always been a standard for how foliage looks. we appreciate it!

thank you! stay tuned for our next update, it’s looking really good :smiley:

Very nice to see you on the forums, Jon Jones! And thank you for your kind words

Hello everyone! This is a huge update and we’re excited to share things with you. The pack is ready and has been submitted to Unreal to go onto the trello board.
Our team couldn’t be happier with how this pack turned out. We believe this is our best looking product and hope to continue to keep up this quality. Thanks for reading and please take a second to leave a comment.


Last update we noted that we had all our assets into a greblock stage. Everything is now finished the with proper materials, LODs, Collisions.
When we built out our asset list for Post Apocalyptic World, we said to ourselves “no way this all gets done”. Our team proved us wrong by working hard and efficiently and got way more than we could have imagined. We believe we tackled the big items and hit home runs with quantity AND quality.


We’ve been trying to think in terms of how a customer might use the pack and how we can build out our assets to make it as easy as possible for them. One new method we’ve been trying is building out speed levels to see how all our assets would work if someone were to build out a level from scratch.

**Here’s the video below of our test:
**Post Apocalyptic World - Unreal Speed Level Test - YouTube

One problem we had before was trying to add too much tech into our packs. This took away from our art and created more technical issues than us providing high quality art.
We understand that our customers may not come from an art background so anything that feels too technical or art related, we’ve tried to simplify it



With Unreal Engine 4 out of the way, we now need to apply the same treatment to Unity. With Unity 5 things are much more similar to UE4, but there’s still quite a bit of differences that have their own headaches. We have our own in-house tools to make processes easier but like any art the Unity pack needs its own TLC. Stay tuned for the next post about our Unity updates!

Is there a change just buy the ivy what you showed in the video. I think the way you have build the ivy placement is cool. Those buildings to my eyes look too low quality with poor textures. So is there a way to buy only ivy and maybe house decorations if they are as good as the chair in the beginning.

Hey everyone! Some new videos to show this pack. It’s also been released in the Unreal Marketplace check it out **here

Promo Video
**Post Apocalyptic World - Unreal Marketplace - YouTube

**Package Breakdown
**Post Apocalyptic World - Unreal Package Breakdown - YouTube

looks amazing.

more of this post apocalyptic stuff please :wink:

I have this pack. It does look quite nice in the right lighting. The texture quality is always something that these guys seem to lack in their packs but are getting better at!

Hopefully they upgrade the quality of textures in the urban city. The pack is awesome, but the buildings just look far too brand new even with grunge applied. The textures are too perfect. I don’t know how to describe it but the modular building set has good textures. I’d like to see those details in these packs.

Question for the creators. I like the painting of the ivy everywhere. How can I use this in other assets? Other prefabs. When I try to paint on them nothing happens. Is there a specific type of collision needed on the mesh ?


Thanks for the compliment! We do have a post apocalyptic prop pack

Thank you for the feedback! We understand what you are saying as far as the cleanliness of the buildings. Our intention was to provide users with a cleaner building and have the ability to add dirt & grunge on it themselves. It`s very hard to subtract grunginess and easier to apply it.

For the ivy, you shouldn`t need any special collisions. One thing to look at is to make sure the ground slope angle is set properly.

Hey man,

thanks! the angle was the key. Worked good.

True about being easier to add grunge then remove it. They definitely look good. But I don’t know exactly how to describe it, when I see some of those buildings I feel like its super happy fun city, theres the one grey one with the dark windows that just looks fake. The residential ones look good, esp in the night light. Just feels so bright and reflective and shiny I hesitate to say toony. Which could work depending on your game I guess. I dont know. It can look good using lighting and stuff. I know this isn’t great feedback in terms of helpful for the urban city, so ya. The post apoc city is great though. If you ever do an update for it or if you make new packs similar, I’d like to see the interiors a bit more customizable. Like in the store, the back room, make that a separate placeable piece. So it can be set in the store anywhere to make different layouts, am disappointed at the very least that the cash counter cant be moved. That seemed like a given. Same with the rooms in the buildings. Just have open space with finished walls and then have placeable walls as separate meshes to separate the open space however you want.

I love that the buildings are easily stack-able, its really good way to do things! Not too many pieces that it takes forever to place them but not too few that it cant be customized. The back doors, removable doors are awesome. Even the extra code to have the doors fly open and almost off the hinges when applied. Good start point for that.

If you do start making open space interiors or update this pack; it would be cool to have them split into three pieces per main piece. So instead of the bottom floor being one piece, make it three and so on for the ones above it. The front and back fit together, but a centre can be added to make the structure longer to change it up. And the placeable walls to change it further. Obviously the stairs need to line up so leaving that as is makes sense.

Anyway just suggestions, thanks again for the foliage tip! Keep up the good work.

Thanks for taking the time to write out your suggestions! It was our first attempt at making interiors for environment packs so there’s still lots to learn what’s do-able and what our customers want. Feedback like this helps us a lot. For our next pack, Medieval Village, we’re testing out some of these things you’ve mentioned and going more hyper modular letting the user play around with the layout rather than just having it a simple cube. I really like the walls idea and will play around with it in our current pack to see if it works. Post apocalyptic World will get a facelift in time and we usually implement anything new we have learned from our current packs.

If you have more suggestions, feel free to post it on here or private message me. We love hearing ideas from our users since these packs are made for developers like you