Post Apocalyptic World

Hey all I’m definitely a big fan of this pack and I’ve been able to create a ton of neat things with it so far, my only beef is the vegetation doesn’t have any stand still LODS they all have animation and I take a bit of a hit when trying to place a lot of bushes in one scene. Maybe I’m overlooking something?

Hi Transcendence. I didnt realize that is something people may want. Its quite easy to set up actually. You can just recreate the foliage material and cut out all that wind stuff, and in the individual models, you can swap out the LOD materials. I think this may be something we will look into for when we do optimization.

Cool I’ll set it up myself no biggie, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking anything.
Great stuff by the way I’ve bought almost every pack you have on the marketplace :slight_smile:

Oh thats awesome man. Thanks for the support! Its been a long road for us and I cant wait for everyone to see what we are working on next. It feels like a culmination of all we’ve learnt from the last year and a half. So if you liked Post AP, you should like this. :wink: We should probably have something to show in the next week or so.

Nice work.
I think for a post apoc theme the buildings are too clean though.

Edit: Shame I didn’t realize this was from old times. ^^

We need a preview!!!

Well , i’m very interested this but i must learn lighting first :frowning:

There is an issue with the Demo level in 4.10. Some trees and foliage seem to disappear when the camera turns. Everything works perfectly in 4.9. Great pack, just a heads up if you are going to submit an update for 4.10.

Just a heads-up, I tried buying your pack last night, and had errors about user not authorized to purchase, i tried to do it a few different payment methods cause i really wanted to start working with the pack, i got the error on all attempts. Well i woke up this morning and have been charged 6 x $79.99 = $479.74 lol from me trying two different payment methods. Not sure if the pending debits will reverse or if they are considered sales, i am in talks with marketplace team but though i would let you know that if you see six purchases from my account it is only meant to be one.

Also in your intro video you mentioned you were going to update urban pack, i have left a request in the urban pack thread about a week ago it think. You guys should have your threads set up to be notified via email so people get a timely response.

Thank you for the heads up. Unfortunately, we do not have control over how the marketplace handles payment so glad you got things sorted out with them.

Sorry about the delayed response, we had two accounts and have been working with Epic to consolidate everything into one, something must have mixed up with our notifications. I have since answered your question in the Urban City thread.