Possible to use PostProcess Blendables with VR?

I tried today to create a bit of a better more sharp FOV limiter for when im doing certain higher velocity movements that would otherwise cause motion sickness, and so far i’ve used the Vignette with some success. I had a friend over recently to test it out, and he actually felt more motion sick with the FOV limiter from the Vignette, so i wanted to create a more sharp one instead using a simple RadialGradientExponential node and PostProcess Blendables or a Draw to HUD material. But it happens that they both only draw to one side of the viewport or are misplaces when looking through the HMD. Anyone figured out a better way of solving this?

The only alternative way i can think of is placing a Widget very close to the camera (which i think is still hacky) and render it there.

you might want to try the new Stereo Layer feature set that was recently added.

Oh right, i saw that… gonna take a look at it… thanks for reminding me

I’m Also really curious about Stereo Layers , but couldn’t find any useful documentation about them. is it straight forward to use ?!

For post process effects, usually on the HUD - are better implemented on the surface of a sphere surrounding the VR Camera actor.

I managed to implement a pretty basic FOV limiter using the Stereo Layer, if you’ve used Canvas Render Target 2D before, it’s straight forward. I would be able to post a breakdown of how i set it up, if it wasn’t because i can’t get it to show up on my main display.

WindowMirrorMode=1 and 2 works ok, but doesn’t show the Stereo Layer, and 3 and 4 does not work for me at all, just displays a black window. I use Vive btw.

So if you debug this, don’t rely on the main display to see if things work. You have to wear your HMD to actually see what’s on the Stereo Layer (at least as far as i could tell).

The good thing about using Stereo Layers is that they don’t clip/intersect with anything else on your main render pass.