Possible to tessellate only one layer of a landscape layer blend?

So I like how tessellation makes my cliffs look, but the problem is performance. I have created a landscape layer blend that I use to paint my terrain, this layer blend is set to tessellate so it tessellates all the layers that my blend consists of, however, I do not wish to have my grass and dirt layers tessellated, I only want my cliffs layer to be tessellate, is there anything I can do to tessellate only one layer and not the others?

Yes, You need to move each layer of your landscape into their own material function. The you blend the material functions together in your landscape material. This gives you a lot of control over each layer. Simply add the tesselation only inside the material function layers you want tessellated.

thanks for the answer, and thats what I tried to do, but I cant seem to find out how to tessellate a material function, only the terrain base material has the option to tick tessellation on and off, is there some type of node that tessellates a texture inside a material function?

I normally add a switch inside the material function to control tessellation on and off. So to make sure I’m on the same page, inside your material function you connect everything to a set material attributes node and output that, then inside the main material you click the result node and in the details, under material check “Use Material Attributes”? Something like this:

Material Function: (Set Material Attributes output should be connected to material function output node)

Landscape Material:

well ■■■■ lol, you sir are a boss! I havent tried this yet but I know it will work, it makes sense. I been using “make material attributes” inside the material function and I also didnt have the “use material attributes” checked.
thanks, I been at war with my terrain layer for so long lol.

you are a boss, I was using a “make material attributes” and I also did not have the " use material attributes" checked. The war is finally over lol.

Awesome! Glad I was able to help, and that you got it to work. All I ask is that you please mark my answer as correct :slight_smile: Thanks!

No problem-oh, you’re welcome!