Possible to stream Youtube videos to Oculus Quest 2 headset?

Is it possible to stream Youtube videos to the Oculus Quest 2 headset and use like a video texture? This is possible with Unity, but I have not found a similar solution with UE4. Seems even loading mp4 videos in the Quest 2 is currently broken on UE4 still. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

You could try:
Utube - Youtube video player in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace (

I’ve confirmed the video and audio works on the Quest.

I’ve been trying to use it for an audio visualization using Niagara effects. I’ve gotten Niagara effects to react to the audio stream on Windows, but not on Quest though; still trying to figure out why that is the case; if you discover anything please let me know.

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Interesting. I am hoping to find a native solution without using a 3rd party plugin, but this may work as a last resort. Thank you for this info!

Correction to my above comment… mp4 videos work perfectly in Quest/Quest 2. For anyone who IS having trouble displaying mp4s, make sure to create a folder in UE4 editor called Movies under Content and use Windows Explorer to copy the mp4 into that directory. After that, ALSO copy the file inside UE4 Editor to Movies under Content folder. Doing this makes sure you are creating a reference to the one in Movies folder.

I’m trying to create something similar, it does work when previewing the project in editor, but when I pack it into the application for quest 2, it doesn’t reproduce anything. Since i’m using the video streaming, I have nothing to add to the movies folder. So, any ideas?

Anyone managed to stream a live to Quest using Unreal?
I can download mp4 from the internet, download images but I cant enable a live stream in a game packaged to the Quest

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I did manage. But I could only make it work using Vimeo! And also the easier way to do so only allows you to stream 1080p videos, if you want more than that you need to code an api, there is all the documentation needed on Vimeo, unfortunately I have no enough skills to make it, but it is possible to stream, I’m not sure about Youtube, maybe if you’re a youtube premium user you can stream, by just copying the link won’t work due to the automatic link refresh from Youtube. I hope it helped a little, sorry if I confused you even more haha

Could you post some pics how you did it?
the plugins involved, if any, the blueprints…

Thanks for the infos

There’s no plugins. You just need to create a Stream Media Source and as URL you use your link from Vimeo. You open your video → advanced → Distribution → Video File Links. But as I said, the maximum quality you can get is 1080p, more than that you need to have a look on Vimeo documentation: