Possible to simulate physics only on active player in multiplayer?

Hey there. I want to create a multiplayer game where physics is the key element.
For this i need to somehow find a solution to only simulate physics on the active player in a turn based scenario. All players should be able to fly around but only the one who´s active should be able to move physics objects around.
I then need to somehow transfer the position and rotation over to the other players without physics active on them. After the active player has finished his turn i need to deactivate physics on him and activate it on the next active player.

Does anyone know a solution for this or isn´t this possible in unreal?

Just to make sure I understand what you’re trying to do: you want to activate the player’s ability to interact with some physical objects for a specific timeframe.

If that’s the case, it doesn’t have much to do with physics, it’s more about giving specific players control over certain objects in the scene. You can do that by switching the ownership of the objects when it’s the player’s turn to interact with them.

Here’s a quick overview of how ownership works on unreal:

Hey there, thank for your reply.

I need Physics for that. Because i want to to make something like Jenga in Multiplayer, where people have to pull out objects of a tower that can collapse if you pull too hard.

You can call “Set Simulate Physics” on players to enable/disable physics whenever you want.

I thought about that. But talking to some devs leaded to not trying it cause i was told that physics always is handled on the server and not on the clients. I think i just misunderstood what they really ment :smiley:
In my head, i would do the physics simulation only on the active player and transmit the position/rotation of the grabbed block to all the other players that don´t have physics on. After the active player has finished his turn i would activate physics on the next active player and so on.
I will give it a try and come back here to report my results. But, don´t expect this anywhere near cause i am currently on 200% busylevel :smiley:

But thank you for pointing me in the right direction :wink: