Possible to move actors ingame like we do in editor simulate?

thanks for answer and givings differents solution

i will go for solution 2 :slight_smile:

i think i will work on making a DebugGameMode with DebugController and DebugPawn

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i like simulate in editor viewport, we can posses or unposses our pawn so i can move in my world and click on actors and translate them to see if they react properly when entering in a trigger box for example

can we do the same in standalone game for debuging purpose? is there a console option that enable me to fly around my world and click on actor and move them like we do in editor?

There is not a way to display the editor move/rotate/scale widgets. The options are really:

  1. Easy - Create a debug UMG UI for adjusting properties of selected items using spinBoxes/textinputs (Must make a selection system as well for any of these)
  2. Medium - Implementing shortcut keys like CTRL + Mouse Drag (mimicking Editor hotkeys if you want).
  3. Hard - Create your own widgets or actors to act as in-world widgets and drag them around to change Actor positions
  4. Epic - Hack the Editor widgets to work in game. This is an overall bad idea because there is a lot that goes on under the hood and a bunch of dependencies you probably arenโ€™t prepared for. Without a bunch of work it also prevents you from cooking your game.

If you have any specific questions about an option, ask away!