Possible to make Lights invisible in Mirror-Reflections?

I was wondering if it’s possible to make lights invisible, when looking into a mirror?
Meaning, I don’t want to see the lights as a physical shape when looking into the mirror.

Any chance to turn of the visibility of the lights while keeping the illumination?

Need this on a project with ray tracing.

aka Maya primary visibility set to off.


This is not a true fix, but a kind of workaround…
If you CRANK – like values 700-800+ — the light’s size, it can sort of “hide” it in reflections.

Obviously this also changes the way the light works but it’s the only way I could get around the lights showing up in everything that was reflective.

Point light for example, you could set the Source Radius, Soft Source Radius, and/or Source Length to extremely high values, and it’s still SORT of visible in reflections but it’s more subdued.

Again. Not the same as Maya’s attributes, but for me at least it was better than nothing.

I dont have the editor here, but there was a setting like “Specular intensity/scale” inside the lights that removes highlights from lights. But this will affect all other objects too, not only the mirror.

Specular intensity/scale worked. Select the light and search for “Specular Scale”