Possible to increase Distance Field Resolution beyond 4MB?

Using dynamic lighting with ‘ray traced distance field area shadows’. I understand a limitation of this is large objects having poor distance field resolution as a volume texture is mapped to each mesh as seen here:


128x128x128 seems to be the maximum allowed for the volume texture (i.e ‘Distance Field Resolution Scale’ does nothing after this limit is reached).

This is causing some issues like:

Here’s the distance field mesh visualization:

Wondering if it’s possible to tweak some settings to allow more textures per mesh or if the only solution is to seperate the mesh into smaller meshes thus allowing more volume textures for the whole thing?

Hi Attepo,

Distance Fields work best with meshes that are broken up into modular pieces that can be reused in order to get enough distance field resolution to be usable.

Looking at the mesh size you have you based on the ‘Approx Size’ shown, you would want to break this mesh up into multiple pieces.

The 128^3 resolution is a hard coded value.

Thank you!