Possible to Get Neon Lights Back in 4.15?

Hello everyone.

We are all well aware of new tone mapper changes that arrived with 4.15, which unfortunately broke the emissive sci-fi bloom completely on my side.

This is now impossible to achieve:

Or is it? Since Epic is not really going to give us tutorials as it seems, I am currently in a bad position regarding this problem.

I am sure this was needed for many people but the old tonemapper was also useful for projects where neon lights were needed. I know that we can disable it via a command but Epic “plans” to remove it (Which in my opinion, would be a disaster).

So did anyone achieve what we could before 4.15 yet?

Thanks in advance!

I too am interested in this - the changes to the tonemapper have been an absolute disaster for my project.
Yes, I know I can turn it off and yes, I know there are workarounds, but the former isn’t much of an option with epic claiming they plan on removing the old tonemapper in a future patch, for whatever reason, while in the latter case the most I’ve managed was to get my environments to look sort-of ok - either way, a step down from the way they looked in 4.14.