Possible to freeze bones of a Skeletal Mesh with simulated physics into a fixed position with working collision?

Hello, question about Skeletal Meshes and simulated physics.

Let’s assume I have a Pawn that contains a Skeletal Mesh that is driven by animations. At some point I press a key and enable physics for this Skeletal Mesh (kinda like enabling “ragdoll mode”) and I want it to fall towards the ground. This part works.

Now, is it possible that a couple of bones basically freeze at a specific frame/position of an animation and still maintain their collision with the world? Imagine an arm going stiff at the last frame of an animation.

My problems at the moment are:

  • When I enable simulated physics all the bones snap back into their rest positions.

  • When I set the bones, who should stay in a freezed position, to kinematic the whole mesh stops moving (or falling towards the ground in this case). I assume that is because the kinematic bones take “ownership” of the mesh because they are basically “nailed” to a specific point in the world and the rest of the mesh bones hang onto these ones?

So what I would like to achieve is that a couple of bones snap to a specific animation frame, stay in that relative position, still provide collision with the world and the mesh to fall towards the ground. And if it lands on these stiff/freezed bones it should react accordingly, for example roll off or rest on these bones.

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