Possible to Capture Desktop Audio?

So for a project I’m working on I am trying to build some audio visualization effects. For this visualizer I would want to be able to listen to whatever audio is being output to the user’s desktop via any other programs they may be running such as YouTube, Spotify, VLC, etc. I looked into the basic Audio Capture but it seems this is set-up to retrieve the input from your mic and I’m not sure if there is a way to change it to another device.
Would it be possible to use the Audio Capture system to grab the desktop audio or is there another tool that would be able to do this?

I suppose you might need a third party software similar to OBS/Blackhole to bridge realtime audio to UE, but not sure. I am looking for a resolution for this as well, so i follow this thread.

I did stumble across this tool that someone built for Unreal Engine 4, but it seems that it would need to be ported over to UE5, unless of course you want to just use UE4.

I guess I’m gonna cross my fingers that he ports it over sometime soon or I’ll just have to start digging into it and see if I can figure things out.

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The Audio Analyzer marketplace plugin can capture the Windows desktop audio (see Audio Loopback example project):

Official Plugin Forum thread:

Hope that helps address your needs!