Possible bug with emissive lighting

Hi mrpdean,

I wish I knew the exact answer or could replicate this. But my first instinct would be to try passing your texture through some of the blend nodes in the material editor and see if it give you the desired result. Or you can try changing translucency priority.

If I get a chance I will try to replicate what you have going on.

Not that this is correct but along the lines of this route

I’ve been working on a more “full featured” time of day system and I’m up to implementing proper moon phases but have run into a problem.

I really need the moon to be using the unlit lighting model however when I do this the dark side of the moon appears to punch through the cloud layer (see attached image). I would expect that when a material is emitting solid black, then this should not happen because is true physically based lighting you cannot “emit” black. If that makes sense.

Incidentally, the could layer is using the translucent lighting model.

Does anyone have an suggestions on how to get this to work.


Typo: the cloud layer is using the translucent lighting model.

Hi unrealguy,

Thanks for taking a look. It turned out to be a really simple/stupid mistake.

I just needed to clamp the black as the issue happens when “emitting” colors outside the zero to one range.

In my case, my calculations were resulting in a black that was less than zero.

All good now.


Cool, glad it’s working.