Possible Bug: No Compiler found

Hi there.

I think I stumbled over a Bug in UE5_EA.

It happens in both Situations:
a: In the UE5 Launcher, when trying to create a new C++ Project.

b: In a created BP Project, when trying to add a new C++ Class.

The Editor gives a red rectangles box that says: “No compiler found. Install Visual studio 2019”

Problem here:
Visual Studio 2019 is installed. I have Jetbrain Rider installed, too.
Both IDEs and their Compilers can be found and used by UE4, without any Problem… But UE5 is not able to find them.

It happens in both, Epic Games Launcher Version of UE5_EA, and the git Version of the ue5-early-access Branch.

I tried to compile the git Version with both, Vs19 and Rider. Succeeded!

Means… the UE5 Editor says:
“It doesn’t matter that you build me with VS19/Rider. I refuse to faith in their existence!!”

Up-2-Date Version of Win11.
Up-2-Date Version of VS19 and all Toolset, Tool chains and Msvc Versions installed.
EAP Version of Rider 2022.
RiderLink and Rider Source Access, both installed and enabled.

Workaround that works:
Creating a UE4 C++ Project, let it compile and than open it with UE5.
That seems to work, since there is no complaining about missing Compilers, when trying to add a new C++ Class via Menübar > Tools.

Do you encounter the Same Problems?
What is your Setup / Situation?