Possible bug in indirect lighting in conslusion with instanced static meshs

Hi all,

i ran into something weird today.
As you see in this picture

at the crosshair there is a reflection of a point light source which is behind 2! walls.

I already tried many options to remove it. Only with the attenuation radius i was able to do so. (not really a good way)

The Walls and floor are all instanced static meshs, the lights are spawned actors. (Complete creation of the layout is done at runtime).
Is there a way to remove this reflection, and why is it occuring anyway? Shouldn’t instanced static meshs block indirect lights as well as direct ones, which are already blocked?

The wall material is a simple texture + some roughness, blendmode opaque, nothing fancy at all.
Same goes for the floor material.

Anyone have a idea how to remove this?

btw, i’m on the 4.7.4 build.

That’s not indirect lighting, it’s just specular highlights. It’s an issue that would be with the light being a dynamic light, it needs dynamic shadows and that might block it, but also would decrease performance.

I might have turned off dynamic shadows earlier when i experimented with lights :slight_smile:

Thx, i’ll try that tomorrow. Shouldn’t have a big performance hit for me, since i already have chunked the visibility of the dungeon.

Yep, that was it.

Post can be closed, buried and forgotten :slight_smile:

ty again