(Possible Bug) Foliage Disappears when I change "Visual Effect Quality"

While working on my game’s menu system and settings menu, I noticed that in standalone versions and packaged builds of the game, When I change the “Effects Quality” using the Set Visual Effects Quality node and Apply the Settings, All foliage disappears and will not return even if Foliage is set to it’s highest quality, until a reload of the level takes place or restarting the game.

it may just be a setting that requires a restart. i guess the work around is to save the setting but not implement it until the level/game is restarted and give the players a “nice” little notification message. not very classy but i can’t think of a work around.

Thanks for the reply, That’s what I intended to do, perhaps force a menu level reload after the settings are accepted.

Just adding an extra comment to clarify to anyone running into this issue too, Just reload the main menu level / scene when the player confirms the game settings.