Possible bug/conflict between project browser and engine versions

I had a problem with debugging my game, which I posted in this post;

I updated the project as per the answer I posted. The debugger then worked beautifully, and I sorted the problems in my code. During that process, when the launcher restarted it asked me if I wanted to update my project settings because they were out of date. I accepted (the launcher is always installing updates, so I figure its the most up-to-date component).

When I finished debugging, I recompiled the project in development editor mode, and tried to open the project from the project browser. It gave me the same message I was originally getting in debug mode. I’m assuming its an easy solve and I just have to do the same solution again- but the launcher shouldn’t be prompting me to take a step backwards…?

You mean in project selection menu? that editor, you sure you running editor version matching your project version? there version selection in laucher. Alternativly you can run editor by double clicking uproject, thats why i do as my version detection messed up in laucher when i updated my source code version of UE4

If I right click on the .uproject file I have two options as to which engine version to use, 4.1 and my github engine. My github engine is 4.1, there’s no other version on my machine. The launcher (the blue thing), is on 4.1, but I don’t know about the project browser. Not sure how to determine what it thinks is going on :wink:

Sounds like you have the same problem, I guess it makes the project browser a hit-or-miss affair…

hey , did these problems stem from you using the debug editor, running debug mode, but without rebuilding the solution in debug editor mode beforehand? take a look at Time 's answer here;

I use development editor

You never use the debug editor Wow, hats off! I’m going to do some tests tomorrow, but I think maybe that for me, the problems started when I did that…

Well, I didnt wait. tried to build the solution in debug editor mode and got the error “The debuggers worker process (msvsmon.exe) unexpectedly exited. Debugging will be aborted”.

Hey , it builds in VS, but the first warning is something like “taking longer than expected… there may be conflicts with third party networking software”, then the warning above, and more that I posted in the other thread…

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Just to make sure, have you been able to successfully open this project again using your Editor that you built from source (not launched from the Launcher)?

I don’t use it because i dont see reason why, debugger and symbols in development editor works fine

i go this error sometimes too, restart of VS or computer fix it

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Are you still experiencing problems with this issue?

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