Positional tracking collision


I was wondering if it is possible to block the camera from passing through walls instead of blacking out the view or display a warning message

I’m working on an underwater scene where the player will dive inside a suit, clipping through the helmet is something i have to prevent at all costs and having a blackout every time the player moves too far is not a solution, can the positional tracking be blocked by collision?


I’m sure it’s possible but suddenly stopping positional tracking will almost certainly make many people quite ill.

that make sick. forget stop the camera.

If someone knows how this could be done i’d like to give it a try, if it doesn’t feel right i’ll have to disable the positional tracking while in the suit or something, i just can’t make the screen go black every time the player clips through the helmet’s glass it would just ruin the immersion

remove the glass mesh part and create a postprocess for the glass effect

Thank you for the suggestion but this wouldn’t work for what i want to do, i need a textured mesh

Maybe if the screen got blurry when the camera clips, i think this would work pretty well

Does anyone know how to detect when the positional camera is clipping with blueprints?

Check out the VR Game Template:

Thank you PatiPatam, i remember having tried that template a while ago, i’ll take a look at it again