Positional Head Tracking off axis

Hey all,

So I’m making a VR game and I have noticed that I have a bug that causes a forward head tracking position movement to read as a right movement in the game. It’s pretty weird and nausea inducing and help as to what it could be would awesome. I am in version 11, and was going from a Mitch VR preset.

I hate the teleport method of VR movement so please dont just say upgrade to v13. I will most likely migrate over, but not to use the premades.

TY in advance.

YAY! I fixed it.

In case anyone was wondering the camera was rotated to the side by 90 degrees, however “lock to HMD position” was turned on. After turning off lock to HMD on the player camera, I zeroed out the camera transform, but I left the z axis at 190 UU. And now a forward motion in virtual reality reflects the forward motion in physical reality.